Analyst Report:

The Journey Toward Smoother and More Secure Workload Modernization Efforts

ar-451-secure-workload-modernization-1Highlighting the role of cloud environments or technologies in IT is no longer novel. Organizations are now past the information- gathering phase and well into the execution phase, with the conversation shifting to how organizations can successfully – which includes ‘securely’ – use cloud environments and technologies to drive their business forward.

451 Research investigated the considerations that organizations made in deciding how to proceed with application modernization efforts. The data comes from 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise surveys, which highlight or anticipate emerging trends disrupting enterprise technology. These surveys draw on a qualified panel of IT professionals across multiple disciplines, organizations and seniority levels who answer questions related to their practices and plans.

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  • How IT practitioners are positioning their rationale for modernizing their workloads 
  • Four core takeaways to ensure you're making the strongest case for a compelling business impact
  • What these data points mean in the context of future activity