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The Cloud Native Compliance Playbook: Strategies for the Enterprise

template-resource-document-imageCloud native can be a tricky subject for the large enterprise. Despite it being in the early days of adoption, few organizations would dispute the benefits of containers, dynamic orchestration and microservices. And yet, for most enterprises, “full scale” cloud native deployment has always seemed aspirational at best, unrealistic at worst.

Because the reality for most organizations is that they are somewhere between hybrid cloud and cloud native on their cloud transformation journeys. A major roadblock for this delay is compliance - or more specifically - the way compliance has traditionally been achieved within large enterprises.

In their current hybrid environments (i.e. some bare metal, some VMs), the compliance tools most enterprises are leveraging just don’t work as expected, or as well, when migrated to the scale and rate of change of containers.

And when you factor in the ever-changing regulatory landscape and the rising costs of compliance, it’s no wonder that enterprise security teams are asking themselves how relevant the cloud native discussion actually is -- especially when the target for “compliance” seems to shift with each new security threat and regulatory directive.

To help demystify these challenges and make “cloud native compliance” a more relevant subject for the enterprise, we at Capsule8 have created The Cloud Native Compliance Playbook, where we explain the shortcomings of the traditional compliance approach and propose a three-step strategy towards building a cloud native compliant enterprise.