On-Demand Webinar:

Doing DevSecOps Right

Implementation and the Metrics that Matter

Recorded: May 28th, 2019
Amy DeMartine
Principal Analyst
Kelly Shortridge
VP Product Strategy

DevOps brings operations and development teams together through the whole production lifecycle, leading to faster and more agile software development. But harder, better, faster, and stronger doesn’t always mean safer. Security is a critical part of that process and without properly integrating it into every phase, you’re putting your company, and your customers, at risk. But is doing so in a way that doesn't derail agility easier said than done? And once it's done, how do you know you did it right?

Join guest speaker Amy DeMartine, principal analyst at Forrester, and Kelly Shortridge, vice president of product strategy at Capsule8, in a live webcast discussing not only how to implement DevSecOps, but also the KPIs and metrics you should measure to make sure your company is continuously reducing risk.