On-Demand Webinar:

SC 20/20 Webcast: Zero Day and Counting

Recorded: November 15, 2018

John-FInal Square
John Viega
Co-Founder & CEO

When a zero-day vulnerability hits the headlines, alarms sound throughout the industry to figure out how to protect themselves against it. How do we detect it? How will this impact our customers?

But long after the frenzy dies down and attention has moved on to the next vulnerability or breach, the true impact of that zero day can take hold. 

Take Heartbleed for example - the vulnerability was introduced in April 2014 but companies are not only still vulnerable, but facing serious security implications. Patching has proven to be both resource and cost intensive, and often is not effective.
This webcast will take a look at the how companies are still fighting the battle of zero days disclosed months or even years ago, the fallacy of the patch, and why continued detection is important.